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(This was an invitation-only event hosted by The Corner Bakery Cafe. I was provided non-monetary compensation for writing this post and other social media interaction)


The sandwich, that staple of school children and adults alike, is perhaps the most adaptable culinary recipe of all time. There are countless types, styles, variations on a theme, and combinations of the simple idea of Bread + Filling + Bread. It is beautiful in its simplicity, yet it carries with it an air of elegance like few other foods can. Are you hungry yet? Checking the clock to see if you can justify a snack so soon after a meal? Well, the following post and pictures are not going to help you very much in that regard.

The Corner Bakery is a national chain of cafe/bistro restaurants serving up everything from pancakes and eggs to breakfast sandwiches in the morning (along with the obligatory coffee, bagels, and assorted fresh made pastries) to freshly prepared salads, soups, pastas, sandwiches, and paninis.

Staring June 30, however, The Corner Bakery will be rolling out their new line of flatbread sandwiches, ones they are calling “unflat,” and from the pictures, you’ll understand why. Chef Ric Scicchitano (it’s much easier to say than to spell, I promise) has come up with several delicious recipes for the new line. Chef Ric, who is quite talented as a chef and great in front of people (those two qualities, many times, do not go hand-in-hand in the culinary world), demonstrated several of these recipes for us out on the patio area of the Arlington, VA Corner Bakery. Check ’em out!

The full spread!

The full spread! L->R: BBQ Pork, SW Chicken, Chicken Caesar, and Caprese

First off, all of the sandwiches were excellent, but I also love food. The fight for my favorite of the bunch was a close call between the Southwest Chicken and the Caprese. Ultimately, the Caprese won out, as the combination of fresh mozzarella, arugula, tomatoes, and Parmesan cheese is a terrific combo, and one well suited to a nice, chewy flatbread. It was fresh and delicious and flat-out addictive, and I would definitely consider this and a side caesar salad should I wander past a Corner Bakery around lunchtime.


Caprese! It did not last very long, so I had to take the picture quickly.

The Southwest Chicken was no slouch though! The roasted corn salsa and pickled jalapeƱos were right up my alley. The avocado ranch dressing gave it a nice tang to complement the bite and heat of the jalapeƱos.

A trio of SW Chicken Flatbreads. No, I did not eat them all. Turn those judgmental eyes elsewhere, reader!

A trio of SW Chicken Flatbreads. No, I did not eat them all. Turn those judgmental eyes elsewhere, reader!

The Barbecue Pork Flatbread was also quite tasty. They used in-house pickled onions for a crunchy bite as contrast to the sweet heat of the pulled pork, which also gets slow cooked in-house. It also utilized some more of that avocado ranch dressing to create a coleslaw bed for the tender pulled pork.


This BBQ sandwich was, literally, hot off the line. It, too, did not last very long.

Last, but certainly not least, was the Chicken Caesar. Don’t get me wrong, the sandwich was delicious. The grilled chicken and crispy romaine were great. I’m…just not sold on the idea of caesar-style sandwiches. For me, when I want caesar, I tend to get a caesar salad. Rather than get my caesar fix limited to merely sandwich form, I would much rather pair one of the above sandwiches with a side caesar salad. To me, that is the best of both worlds in one meal. If you happen to prefer your salad inside of your flatbread sandwich, you’ll love this Chicken Caesar.


Salad meets sandwich–the Chicken Caesar


If you’re close to a Corner Bakery but have never been, I can definitely recommend their new line-up of “Un-“Flatbreads. They’re fresh, they’re delicious, and they’re all under 330 calories each. While I’m not the calorie-counting type, for those who are tracking theirs will be glad to know you can eat well without butchering your efforts to eat healthy. For those in the greater DC area, there are actually quite a few locations to choose from. While you’re in there, grab one of their Blueberry Lemonade Bundt cakes. You won’t be disappointed. I promise.

Stay tuned! I’ll have some flatbread recipes of my own coming soon, and there’ll be a giveaway too!

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