When Breakfast Cereal And Milkshakes Collide!!!


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As most grown kids will admit, the best part of sugar cereals was drinking the leftover milk at the bottom of the bowl. Sure, it was a murky, grainy concoction, but it was a blissful concentration of all the sugars and flavors (and artificial dyes) that had been leached out of the cereal and into the milk.

I had the brilliant (perhaps dastardly is more accurate) idea to capture that flavor into a milkshake. I know that there are folks that have likely done this before, but here’s my take on it.

I used that most iconic of kids cereals, Fruit Loops, as my weapon of choice. However, almost any sugar cereal would translate into this recipe quite well. I plan on trying Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cocoa Puffs, and a few others before too long, assuming I don’t die of sugar overload in the mean time.

The steps for this recipe are quite simple. First, gather your ingredients:


The Fearsome Foursome

1. 2 cups of uncrushed Fruit Loops

2. 1 cup of Whole Milk (You can use lesser fatted milks, but this is a milkshake recipe. If you’re counting calories, skip this entire post!)

3. Several scoops of good, high-quality Vanilla Ice Cream (I prefer Trader Joe’s, but there are many available)

4. Whipped cream to top

Next, crush the Fruit Loops until there are only a few chunks left and the rest is mostly a fine powder (much like the cereal left at the bottom of the box!). Those two cups will turn into something like a half cup or so of cereal. Set a small amount of it to the side for final garnishing.


You can almost hear the little screams from the Fruit Loops…

Pour the milk and scoop the ice cream into a large blender. Add the ground cereal. Combine until the mixture is nice and thick but still drinkable. You may find you need to add more ice cream to thicken it up, or if you were heavy handed, add some milk to thin the mixture.

Final step! Pour the mixture into a tall glass, saving room on top for the whipped cream. Add a straw and plenty of 90’s kid nostalgia (I suggest a good, early 90’s Saturday Morning Cartoon) and then sit back and enjoy this rainbow speckled treat!



Warning: You may find that even REAL adults like this milkshake too, as evidenced by my mother’s reaction.


“I can’t believe you put Fruit Loops in a milkshake, Philip. There’s no way it’s going to taste good.”



“Oh my gosh, that’s amazing! I hope you made a second one, cause this one is mine.”

Do not, under any circumstances, allow one to simply “try” your milkshake. You will not get it back!

Why are you still reading?? Go and make one already! Just be sure to tag me on Twitter (@UnPhilteredGuy) or Instagram (UnPhilteredGuy) when you take a picture, and let me know which cereal you tried!

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