Who is Phil?


(Phil at The Layered Cake Bakery in Leesburg, VA)

Who am I? Well, I’m Phil, and for the most part I’m just an ordinary guy. I live outside of Washington, DC in Leesburg, VA. I have some extraordinary passion for the things I love, however, and sharing those passions with you is the best way to get to know me. It’s all about trying to live life to the fullest. To me, the full life has a few things in it: great food, fast and fun cars, wonderful people, live music, and plenty of fermented goods.

This blog is all about doing what I love and sharing about it in an honest way…or shall I say…unPhiltered? (Ha!) I have a tendency to rave about the things I love and rant about the things I don’t. The hardest part is finding that honest balance of objectivity and opinion, especially things I’m passionate about!

Do you have a craft brewery or local winery you’d like me to feature? Or perhaps there’s a local restaurant that you think would blow me away? I would love to visit and share my experience with others! Is there an upcoming concert I should be interested in, or is there a local artist/musician that I should know about? It would be my pleasure to go and hear them!  Interested in an honest review on a car or truck? I’m very knowledgeable about cars and all their inner workings, and I love to drive!


Phil’s UnPhiltered Passions:

  • My first passion in life is people. I love them. They are simply fantastic. Contained within each person is an amazing and unique story that cannot be duplicated or replaced. While this blog is not about people, per se, they are certainly the driving force behind everything else on my passion list. I love meeting new people, making friends, and finding out what drives a person in life. In a world where we so often reduce people to their opinions or political standing, we need more stories. Life is a grand adventure, and we should make it one worth retelling for the ages.
  • My second passion is food. Oh, God, the stories I could tell about food. From a very early age I’ve loved it and making it. They say every person has a natural way they express and absorb their artistic preferences. Mine would certainly be primarily food. Whether I’m the one doing the cooking or the eating (and many times both!), food is life! Nothing better brings together a group of people, complete strangers even, than a well cooked meal. It’s built into our very being to enjoy the fellowship and friendship that comes from breaking bread together. Whether sweet or savory, deep-fried or blast chilled, there are few things in life that I do not enjoy eating or drinking or cooking! Full disclosure: I’m a bit of a beer snob. While with wine and spirits I’m generally much more willing to find good quality at great prices, I’m much more likely to shell out the big bucks for a high-quality beer or ale. Limited releases are the bane of my wallet!
  • My third passion is cars. The history of the automobile is the struggle of mankind breaking the tethers of millennia of reliance upon nature for transportation and heavy-lifting. Just over a century after their introduction, our lives (and bills!) seem to revolve around our car choices. Whether you’re a parent looking for the best way to get your family from point A to B, a young professional trying to find that perfect balance between practicality and performance, or a teenager merely saving up their dollars and cents for their first purchase, cars run our lives. My brother and I talk cars for hours! Ninety percent of them we’ll never be able to afford, but they are mesmerizing to me nonetheless. I have a unique preference for Volvos (I know; I’m weird!), but I love a good hot hatch, muscle car, or roadster too. I can even work on them myself when the problem is fixable in the driveway with some friends and a few beers on hand. Most of all, cars are meant to be driven!
  • My fourth passion is music. Second only to food, music has the unique ability to bring complete strangers together in deeper ways than simple conversation can achieve. I constantly listen to music of all types, though I’m not a huge fan of country or rap as genres. My musical preferences definitely lean classical, though I’m a closet metalhead and also love just throwing on some classic rock. More than simply appreciating music though, I also love to write it on occasion. I also happen to have a strong high tenor range and a love for choral singing. When I’m not singing, you might find me having fun on the piano or slowly learning to play the bass guitar. In another life, I might have been a professional musician. I suppose with music, it’s never too late to start your career!

There are hundreds of other things that I enjoy doing. I’m a gamer when I have spare time, and I dabble in art and other creative outlets. I freakin’ love Batman and comics as a whole, and I really enjoy a good film. When the time and money are available, I’m an avid (amateur) marksman, and the historian side of me loves collecting old firearms. At some point I want to learn how to forge and become a blacksmith and also become proficient at archery. There are simply so many things that I want to do that I find myself running out of time.

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